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Traffic jam 🍯 for your site

We have been implementing a trading platform for the most modern product in gig-economy — traffic. Are you content-manager, developer, scientist, builder? It does not matter because…

…traffic is traffic

Nowadays traffic is the heart of media brands and influences on content, design, and development which cost enormous money. Every year traffic has been increasing by 26% — 30% for 10 years. It’s amounted to 466 terabits (466 million megabytes). Also, Facebook and other companies from Silicon valley permanently solve issues with the expansion of world markets and present its products for the more different nations and cultural groups. Nowadays traffic is diversified for specific directions and it’s a growing market.


But if you want to test your brand from scratch or increase amount of users you have a great challenge:

  • you can’t attract a lot of users just in time;
  • you can’t unit users from different sandboxes (Facebook, Linkedin, Reddit, Instagram and so on);
  • you can’t analyze the profile of your user;
  • also, if you haven’t brand in a particular region you need to invest a lot of money to research it manually.

Way2media solves these and similar problems because:

Way2media pack traffic from the whole net in nutritious jars for business.

It’s a great path for small startups and non-technic companies attract an audience without aimless spam. Also, a big media brand can use these jars for permanent growth, checking of the hypothesis or researching of new regions.

Code is code

In the execution of the project, we avoid over functionality and fat design. It’s a real problem when developers want to shove all hype approaches within one service. We follow the philosophy of the project’s CEO:

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Main points: Keep your service simple, focus it to a direct and clear market". Oded Vilner.

The core of service — convenient search. It’s based on the tag system — traffic is the heart of modern Internet and tags are veins. Сonsidering this we use the fittest stack for the modern marketplace with our Softmotions-boots.

As React library we use MobX because:

  • With MobX you can write cleaner code;
  • With MobX you can write less code;
  • MobX has fewer dependencies than Redux (e.x.).

For Java-backend we use our own boots because in most cases we don’t like such heavy frameworks as Spring. We use Apache Cayenne instead of Hibernate for the same reasons — it’s easier for work with PostgreSQL. We also use Google Guice for convenient work with dependencies between front and back.

4 questions for CEO

What is more attractive to you in the idea of the project?
The thing I find most attractive in the idea of the project is that Way2Media aims at fast-growing multiple numbers of industries and niches. These days, more and more businesses are selling their services and products online, and a marketplace such as Way2Media can connect those who are in these spaces and help them connect in order to close deals with one another.

What are the most popular directions for selling traffic?
We can see more and more affiliates looking to sell their marketing services to online brands but they are scattered between many different spaces — LinkedIn, Forums, Facebook, etc. Now they can assemble in one arena to conduct their business.

Can your platform be the best path for small startups that want to invest in developing the brand from scratch?
The platform is aimed at those who wish to build their brand from the start as well as more experienced advertisers. And the other way around — publishers who are new to media buying and looking for first advertisers to partner with, or well-seasoned affiliates who are aiming at expanding even more. The platform is meant to help non-media businesses as well as media business all together. After all — traffic is traffic!

Have you big competitors or you implement a more or less unique idea?
We know of at least two platforms doing a similar project — but I do not see it as competitions only validity of the platform’s value.