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Ethereum blockchain sweepstakes engine. The most transparent betting service ever.
  • 1
    Immutable smart contract controls all bets
  • 2
    Fully transparent - you can browse all operations through blockchain
  • 3
    Integrated with popular Metamask wallet - bet with 2 clicks
  • 4
    Scalable and configurable. Looking for investor!


  • Content management
    Full featured CMS with rich multimedia capabilities for large user groups. Used in high loaded website and in few commercial projects.
  • Finance
    Project for financial corp
    Frontend and integration layer of CRM for online financial service. Also several integrations with various external services were implemented. Technology used: Java, Google Guice, MySQL, Cayenne, Solr, JPA, Maven, Spring, MySql, Angular
  • Education
    The large scale ERP system for educational organizations used in some of Russian universities. Technology used: Full stack of JavaEE technologies, IBM DB2, we developed a custom version of Mozilla Firefox browser as intranet thin client to run a XUL based web UI, OAuth2, LDAP, QooXDoo, MongoDB
  • Billing and network
    Network management, billing and payment system for ISP. Technology used: Java, IBM DB2, Qooxdoo, EJDB, Netfllow, Python, PostgreSQL, NAT, 3D Secure, RADIUS, SNMP



  • Java
  • Ethereum
  • Nodejs
  • DB2 Express-C
  • Apache Cayenne
  • Google Guice
  • Apache solr
  • Mybatis
  • Qooxdoo
  • PostgreSQL
  • Kotlin language