Our own projectssmile


Decentralized trading platform


Airdrop aggregator and decentralized trading platform that lets you trade Ether and Ethereum-based tokens directly with other users

Techstack: React, Solidity, Python, PostgreSQL, nCMS


C11 key/value database engine


IOWOW - The C11 persistent key/value storage based on skip list data structure

Techstack: C11, CMake


Embeddable JSON Database engine


EJDB2 is an embeddable JSON database engine published under MIT license.

The Story of the IT-depression, birds and EJDB 2.0

  • C11 API
  • Single file database
  • Simple but powerful query language (JQL) as well as support of the following standards:
    • rfc6902 JSON Patch
    • rfc7386 JSON Merge patch
    • rfc6901 JSON Path
  • Powered by iowow.io - The persistent key/value storage engine
  • Provides HTTP REST/Websockets network endpoints with help of facil.io
  • JSON documents are stored in using fast and compact binn binary format

Techstack: C11, Java, Dart

Einstein puzzle game


Use your brain to discover tiles. Based on the famous puzzle game contains nothing extra, pure logic - only symbols and rules. One wrong move and you fail, get smart and solve the puzzle.

Einstein puzzle at Google Play

Einstein puzzle at App Store

Techstack: React Native, Android


Scalable content management system


Full featured CMS with rich multimedia capabilities for large user group. Used by highly loaded http://nsu.ru university website and by a few commercial projects.

Techstack: Java, Google Guice, Apache Solr, QooXDoo, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, MyBatis

UIS - The ERP and CRM system for universities

UIS is a collection of projects used a few universities in Russia. UIS includes corporate portal and SSO system. Developed since 2006, over 25 man-years of labor.

Techstack: Full stack of JavaEE technologies, IBM DB2, customized build of Mozilla Firefox browser running XUL-based UI, OAuth2, LDAP, QooXDoo, MongoDB

Network management, billing and payment system for ISP

Network management, billing and payment system for ISP.

Techstack: Full stack of JavaEE technologies, Hibernate Events, IBM DB2, SNMP (configuring Cisco/Allied Telesis switches and routers), NAT, Traffic Shapling, Web Service (REST/SOAP), 3D Secure, RADIUS, DHCP, PHP, PostgreSQL, URL filtering, Python, EJDB, Netflow