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Embeddable JSON Database engine


EJDB2 is an embeddable JSON database engine published under MIT license.

The Story of the IT-depression, birds and EJDB 2.0

  • C11 API
  • Single file database
  • Online backups support
  • 500K library size for Android
  • iOS / Android / React Native / Flutter integration
  • Simple but powerful query language (JQL) as well as support of the following standards:
    • rfc6902 JSON Patch
    • rfc7386 JSON Merge patch
    • rfc6901 JSON Path
  • Powered by iowow.io - The persistent key/value storage engine
  • Provides HTTP REST/Websockets network endpoints with help of facil.io
  • JSON documents are stored in using fast and compact binn binary format

Techstack: C11, Java, Dart



Use your brain to discover tiles. Based on the famous puzzle game contains nothing extra, pure logic - only symbols and rules. One wrong move and you fail, get smart and solve the puzzle.

Our Einstein app was mentioned in overview "Underrated Games To Tryout in December 2020" at Gameskeys.net

Techstack: React Native, Android


Gimme app


You may create funny tokens and give them to your friends by QR-code. Each token set marked with its creator. Collect different tokens from your friends, create and share your own sets. Also you may use your tokens in any game instead of physical items.

Techstack: flutter, ejdb, C


C11 key/value database engine


IOWOW - The C11 persistent key/value storage based on skip list data structure

Techstack: C11, CMake


Scalable content management system


Full featured CMS with rich multimedia capabilities for large user group. Used by highly loaded http://nsu.ru university website and by a few commercial projects.

Techstack: Java, Google Guice, Apache Solr, QooXDoo, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, MyBatis

UIS - The ERP and CRM system for universities

UIS is a collection of projects used a few universities in Russia. UIS includes corporate portal and SSO system. Developed since 2006, over 25 man-years of labor.

Techstack: Full stack of JavaEE technologies, IBM DB2, customized build of Mozilla Firefox browser running XUL-based UI, OAuth2, LDAP, QooXDoo, MongoDB

Network management, billing and payment system for ISP

Network management, billing and payment system for ISP.

Techstack: Full stack of JavaEE technologies, Hibernate Events, IBM DB2, SNMP (configuring Cisco/Allied Telesis switches and routers), NAT, Traffic Shapling, Web Service (REST/SOAP), 3D Secure, RADIUS, DHCP, PHP, PostgreSQL, URL filtering, Python, EJDB, Netflow