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Snapparazzi project

In development

Snapparazzi is a decentralised independent media sharing and advertising platform, utilising blockchain technology and offering everyone SnapCoin rewards.

Hydro Pay

Decentralized bank and gasless payment system. We developed mobile app that was integrated with Hydro smart contracts and allows to make payments between users

Project site

Google Play

AFi cards

Virtual bank for Ghana. The mobile app with options to issue virtual cards and sending money developed from scratch for Android and IOS. Integrated with mobile money services (Vodaphone cash, MTN Mobile money, etc), Visa/Mastercard, wire transfers. The app includes 2FA through text messages, KYC verification procedure, contact list, QR code generations/reading etc

Project web-site

AFi at Google Play
AFi at App Store

Einstein puzzle game

Use your brain to discover tiles. Based on the famous puzzle game contains nothing extra, pure logic - only symbols and rules. One wrong move and you fail, get smart and solve the puzzle.

Einstein puzzle at Google Play

Einstein puzzle at App Store