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Snapparazzi project

In development

Snapparazzi is a decentralised independent media sharing and advertising platform, utilising blockchain technology and offering everyone SnapCoin rewards.

MDTK token

ERC20 token for medical industry

Cross-platform branded mobile wallet for Ethereum and ERC20 and Airdrop service

Service over-the-counter P2P trading of local currency for bitcoin and Ethereum. Developed from scratch. Includes escrow mechanizm, KYC system, chat, 2FA through Twilio and many other features. Integrated with Ethereum cloud node Infura and bitcoin node.

Emotiq wallet

Emotiq wallet - cross-platform desktop blockchain wallet for existent network node written in Common Lisp with external JSON-RPC.

Airdrop aggregator and decentralized trading platform that lets you trade Ether and Ethereum-based tokens directly with other users


Private investment platform based on POS of DASH and NEM