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Anton Adamansky
Anton Adamansky
We are building complex business apps via engineering technologies and our mathematical brains for more than 15 years.
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Stegos Blockchain Mobile wallet
Stegos Blockchain Mobile wallet
The Stegos Privacy Platform combines a unique blockchain and token design to implement the first cryptocurrency that's completely private, secure, effcient, and environmentally sustainable.
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Own products
We create own solutions with engineering passion and hands-on experience in solving different tasks.
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Evita Grant
Evita Grant
Client, CEO Techustle Inc., MA, USA
"Their skills and quality of work are excellent. Communication was great, considering that we were of vastly different time zones. I enjoyed working with them."
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We want spaceship
We like to build apps from scratch because we can implement our experience in one app that's matters for users and help your business.
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Expert code
We can learn your current app and adapt to your devel­opment and product processes.
Feel free to ask questions for us about architecture, product development or market analytics.
Andrey Denisov
Andrey Denisov, CEO
Feel free — Telegram, Mail.
Our company located in Akademgorodok — the IT capital of Russia. You can clarify our process and get free consultation with me. Build your spaceship with our company!